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Audit Committee

The role and responsibilities of the Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reports to the Supervisory Board and oversees financial statements, financial reporting and auditor’s performance.

The Audit Committee’s role is described in its charter, which is part of the Supervisory Board’s Rules of Procedure. Under that charter, the Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing:
• the integrity of our financial statements
• our financial reporting process
• our system of internal controls and risk management
• our internal and external audit process
• the qualifications, independence and performance of our internal and external auditors
• our process for monitoring compliance with laws and regulations and our business principles.

The Audit Committee’s report is included in the Supervisory Board Report.

Dealing with complaints

If AkzoNobel receives any complaints about our financial reporting, internal risk management or control systems, the Audit Committee handles and records the audit.  Internal “whistleblowers” can report irregularities through the General Complaints Procedure.  

Who is on the Audit Committee?

The following Supervisory Board members make up the Audit Committee: