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Dividend & Tax Information

Dividends are paid in U.S. dollars and are generally taxable, just like dividends on U.S. shares. The AkzoNobel dividend is subject to a Dutch withholding tax of 15% of the gross amount. Under terms of the Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement between the United States and the Netherlands, eligible ADR holders may reclaim 15%, thereby reducing their withholding tax to 0%.

ADR holders eligible for the refund must be residents of the United States in accordance with the aforementioned Convention. We advise you to contact your broker or tax adviser for more information and any applicable U.S. tax forms.

For dividend and corporate action information, please visit the Share Information section or the ADR section on the website of Deutsche Bank. Alternatively you may contact Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Shareholder Services on toll-free number +1 (800) 937 5449 Direct Dial: +1 (718) 921 8124.

If you would like to have your dividends paid directly into your bank account, and you are a registered holder, please use the Direct Dividend Deposit Authorization Agreement on AST’s website.

AkzoNobel has a Direct Purchase Plan and Dividend Reinvestment Plan. Deutsche Bank offers these options via the DB-Direct plan which you can access via the ADR section on the website of Deutsche Bank.

Historical share prices of AkzoNobel’s ADRs, for the purpose of completing your tax return, can be found on the Share Information section, on Deutsche Bank’s website or on the OTC markets website.